The venues of top competitions

In Soldeu-El Tarter we find the mythical Àliga and Avet courses, a compact venue that is already among the most recognized in the world of competitive alpine skiing. It has hosted high-level competitions, such as European Cups, European Cup Finals, World Cups and World Cup Finals.

In February 2024, the women's World Cup circuit will return to the Avet piste in Soldeu, the most technical piste par excellence.

Discover Avet, the place to be

The Avet course is where the Slalom and Giant Slalom categories take place, and in 2012 it was chosen to host the races for the Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup.

The competition stage takes place in Soldeu, and its classic layout was approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS) in October 2007. For the 2019 Alpine Ski World Cup finals, the finish area was modified with an incredible skiable platform at the bottom of the Avet course and in the town of Soldeu.

It is the clue of technical tests. The trail of the giant slalom has a height of 428 meters and the slalom of 210 meters. The runway has a northeast orientation, which guarantees the quality of the snow.

In Soldeu, the arrival area is connected to the village of Soldeu through a 14,000 square meter skiable platform that offers all the comforts and services to the sports family, professionals involved in events and spectators.


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