25 November 2022 - 10:36

Grandvalira presents ‘The Place to be a Champion’, the campaign for the Alpine Ski World Cup Finals Andorra 2023

Joan Verdú, winner of the Europa Cup giant slalom 2022 and competitor in the World Cup this season, is the face of the advertising campaign and video clip for this sporting event

The organizing committee has set the countdown to 150 days for the event that will take place in the Soldeu El Tarter sectors from the 13th to 19th March 2023


The countdown begins, so that the Pyrenean country will once again be the host of a major world alpine skiing event. The World Cup Finals Andorra 2023, which will take place from the 13th to 19th March on the Avet and Àliga courses in the Soldeu El Tarter sectors in the Grandvalira ski area, already have the countdown set. 150 days to relive the vibrant atmosphere with the best skiers on the international scene and to thrill and engage an entire country all over again. This Thursday, to mark the occasion, the marketing campaign was launched under the slogan 'The Place to be a Champion', which has been designed to leave its mark, not only for Andorra being the World Cup venue, but also as a snow destination of international prestige.

This campaign receives the baton from the 2019 Finals campaign, 'Everyone will be champions', benefiting from the experience and maturity gained in the latest successful step taken by the Great White Carnival. 'The Place to be a Champion' wants to emphasise emotions like victory and success, as well as resolve and self-improvement, which will be demonstrated through the power shown by the emerging big stars in the finals: the 25 best skiers in every Alpine discipline for both men and women. In the same way, the slogan places Andorra as the venue where it is possible to obtain these victories, making the country a point of reference and consolidating its identity and popularity. Other elements that will be incorporated in the communication for the event will be promoting values such as inclusiveness, sustainability or care for the environment, strongly driven values in the candidacy for the World Championships Andorra 2029.

So 'the Place to be a Champion' is the main slogan, but it leads to potential new communication channels such as, 'The Place to be a Hero', 'The Place to be a Connoisseur' or 'The Place to be a Young Hero'. These cover the areas of solidarity, gastronomy and the importance of children for the country’s skiing.

The marketing campaign aims to get the whole of Andorra excited again, whilst also reaching audiences everywhere who are passionate about snow sports. And it does so with the aim of "awaking the feeling of pride within the people of Andorra, inviting them to maintain the high level of involvement and participation that has always been shown", David Ledesma, the marketing manager for the finals, explained. David was the person presenting the images and the advertising video clip to the expectant audience that filled the hall in the Illa Carlemany cinema complex, with no one wanting to miss this unique event that was full of surprises.

David Hidalgo, director of the World Cup Finals Executive Committee, underlined the "very important dimension that it represents for the country to be able to organize a competition for the second time that can only be deemed to be outranked by Winter Olympic Games or by World Championships”. Specifically, he reminded us that "in only 150 days' time, the finals must allow the seeds to continue to be sown, in order to obtain the definitive endorsement and to achieve the goal that has been set for 2029: to make Andorra the venue for the World Championships".

Hidalgo recognized that the challenge is to "exceed" the 2019 finals, "take the next step from a sporting perspective, but also in everything surrounding the event, in terms of logistics and entertainment". It will be achieved thanks to the experience of the team in place where, he highlighted, "the immense role of volunteers".

The Minister of Tourism and Telecommunications, Jordi Torres welcomed the event and reaffirmed the support given by the Government and Andorra Turisme for the major ski events that generate a great deal of media attention for the country.

Verdú, Ambassador for the Finals

One of the big stars of the presentation of the campaign was the Andorran skier Joan Verdú, the Europa Cup giant slalom champion last March, and who this very next week will be one of the skiers who will compete in Sölden (Austria), in the first round of the circuit of this new World Cup season. Verdú appears on the campaign poster with his arms raised high in a glorious show of strength and victory.

A very original presentation

The organization presented a spectacular snow clock that was designed by Andorran artist, Pere Moles, which signals the countdown. In the coming days, the clock will take pride of place right in the shopping centre on la avenida Meritxell (avenue). The event did not disappoint attendees and provided an early glimpse of the power of innovation and surprise that the finals will bring at the end of March. So, the presentation was recorded in 3D, a series of video mappings were created and there was even a sensations tunnel, simulating a snowstorm. All this generated an atmosphere that allowed those present to already begin to feel, from today, immersed in the magic of the World Cup 2023. In order to be able to involve everyone, the presentation was also delivered in sign language.


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