22 January 2024 - 15:15

The Andorra 2029 candidacy celebrates World Snow Day with an accessible day for all children

Children between the ages of four and 14 years old with disabilities or with reduced mobility enjoyed a morning of adapted skiing and mushing (dog sledding) rides in the El Tarter sector of Grandvalira


David Hidalgo: “Since the candidacy began, this is now the third consecutive year that we have celebrated an inclusivity day. As well as being able to see how much fun the children have, these experiences really help us to identify which improvements we can implement to make a ski station more accessible.”

Today, the Soldeu El Tarter sectors in the Grandvalira ski station turned into a snow activity centre that was open to children on World Snow Day, a day promoted by the International Ski Federation (FIS). The candidacy for the Alpine World Ski Championships Andorra 2029 seized the opportunity on this date to organise a day in the snow that was adapted for children suffering from any kind of disability or reduced mobility. A number of children were able to enjoy mushing and adapted skiing in El Tarter thanks to the Adaptive Centre team in the Ski and Snowboard School. At the same time, Soldeu also put on a variety of activities including snow hockey, as well as Burton’s riglet snowboards (learning experience), a Parallel and a Giant Slalom race for all the children.

The General Manager of the Andorra 2029 candidacy, David Hidalgo provided positive feedback from the day and explained that “Since the candidacy began, this is now the third consecutive year that we have celebrated an inclusivity day. One of the key pillars and commitments that we included in the dossier and made for the project is that of accessibility and inclusiveness. On days like today, apart from seeing the enjoyment of the children and families, it also provides us with experience in being able to more easily identify any accessibility improvements we can make in the station and at the events.”

Children from different associations in the country participated in the day including those from AMMA (Association for Minority Diseases in Andorra), AUTEA (Association for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Andorra), ASDA (Association for Down Syndrome in Andorra), AUFARE (Association for patients, family members and legal representatives from the Our Lady of Meritxell Private Foundation), and Hi arribarem! (We will get there!).



World Snow Day focused on the values of the candidacy

The bid to be awarded the Alpine World Ski Championships in 2029 is working with a vision of the event that establishes two essential elements. On the one hand, that of inclusion, with the aim of turning the ski station and the country into a source of inspiration for different groups thanks to the improvement of inclusive and accessible products, services and infrastructures that enable the removal of barriers and that promote social inclusivity and equal opportunities. And on the other hand, that of skiing and health with the aim of encouraging the healthy habits that sport provides from early childhood, whilst also encouraging continuous training that might eventually result in professional and elite level skiing.


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