27 December 2023 - 11:57

The Andorra 2029 candidacy is collaborating with Càritas Andorrana in providing Christmas meals as part of the MenjAND Solidari project

The executive team for the Alpine Ski World Championships candidacy is restarting the project that aims to limit food waste in the ski station, and to establish a charitable network of social gastronomy

A total of 50 complete meals are delivered to people and families in the Principality that are in a vulnerable situation when it comes to food


Many people in Andorra are in a vulnerable situation in terms of feeding themselves. Càritas Andorrana receives requests on a day-to-day basis from a number of families and some others who also find themselves in need the entity’s support on occasion. Aligning with the values of the World Alpine Ski Championships 2029 candidacy, and being aware of these circumstances in the country, one of the key issues established in the project is to complement the work being done by institutions and to work towards social welfare. The Andorra 2029 executive team has been the driving force behind MenjAND solidari, an initiative that was launched in April and that restarts again today with Càritas Andorrana. It is a social programme that was created with the aim of helping people in difficult economic circumstances. Its objective is to generate and distribute food among these groups. One of the key points to being able to move forward with the project is to limit food waste in the Grandvalira station in the Canillo, Soldeu and El Tarter sectors. This is done by making it possible to reuse the food by establishing a charitable network that allows it to reach these people and families in a way that is nutritional and healthy.

The activity relaunched today consists of delivering 50 traditional Christmas meals that have been prepared in L’Abarset’s restaurant kitchen in Grandvalira’s El Tarter sector to Càritas Andorrana. On this occasion, and with the upcoming dates in mind, the meals that will be enjoyed by people in precarious food situations includes pasta soup, Cannelloni, "picantó" chicken and apple pie.

From the Andorra 2029 team, the Director of Sustainability, Victor Torres explained: “We are in contact with the entities that provide social services, that work with those people who are in this situation. This gets us a step closer to being able to reach these people, in order to cover some of their needs with meals at the very least from time to time.”


This is one of the commitments on which the Andorra 2029 candidacy team is working, to ensure that the help reaches all those who need it and that have links with various associations in the country. This help comes in the form of the food that the ski resorts’ clients do not consume, that is in perfect condition and would only be wasted.

Càritas Andorrana’s Social Action Officer, Paqui Barbero, warmly and gratefully welcomed the initiative and commented: “There are people that are suffering and having a good meal on these important dates is essential. There will be 50 families who will be able to enjoy Christmas lunch just as we do in our house.”

In order to make this charitable network possible to provide food to people who are vulnerable, different parties are involved: the ski station as the driving force for the project and the production of the meals; the suppliers who provide the food; and social partners such as entities and associations that have direct contact with these vulnerable groups.

MenjAND solidari is part of the brief for the master plan for the World Championships Andorra 2029 which includes an additional series of proposed activities to take place during the course of the event.

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