31 May 2024 - 8:33

David Hidalgo: “It’s our turn. We meet the requirements and Andorra deserves a World Ski Championships”

“It’s our turn. We meet the requirements and Andorra deserves a World Ski Championships”. This is the voice, the feeling and the aspiration of the head of the Andorra 2029 candidacy, David Hidalgo, just five days before the imminent decision by the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS), which will be made on the 4th of June in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavík. Optimistic, but cautious, Mr. Hidalgo emphasises that "all our homework has been done" and that the Pyrenean country arrived at the voting process "hitting the ground running and with an experience that we did not have on the previous attempt for the 2027 bid." Carles Visa, CEO of the Andorran Ski Federation (FAE), is clear on this: “We are a benchmark in terms of organisation. Now is our moment. We are not the ones saying this. This is the feedback we have had from athletes, teams and technicians from the FIS throughout our trajectory at the World Cups and European Cups. We have been consistently achieving the goals set at each stage, and now it is up to the FIS to position itself and opt for continuity, or, expressing it differently, to decentralise and to choose to support new destinations.” The Principality faces two major adversaries: Narvik (Norway), who for the second time aspires to hosting the biggest event in alpine skiing after the Olympic Games, as Andorra also does. And Val Gardena (Italy), which comes with an ambitious project that bears the seal of being a classic World Cup venue.

Next Tuesday, the day will be staged during which the new venues will be decided for the World Championships in all disciplines. In the case of alpine skiing the vote will take place that very day in the afternoon. Each bidding party will have 10 minutes for the presentation of their project to the members of the FIS Council and five minutes to answer questions. Val Gardena will kick off with the first of the presentations at 16:30h, followed by Andorra at 16:50h and Narvik (at 17:10h). Subsequently, the members will retire to carry out the vote. At around 19:00h local time (21:00h in Andorra, CET), the announcement of the host venue for the 2029 World Championships will be made. From the iconic Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre building in Reykjavík, and during the course of the 55th Annual FIS Congress, 20 members of the FIS Council, 18 councillors, including the Andorran councillor Patrick Toussaint, and two representatives from the athletes are called upon to vote. The election system is that of the Olympic system.


The incumbent Prime Minister of the Andorran Government in Reykjavík

One of the aspects that most distinguished the bid throughout its promotion process has been the fact that it is a country proposal championed by Andorra. Unlike other venues that are ski resorts or regions, the Principality’s bid is a national commitment from a whole country that is dedicated to achieving this milestone from all the sectors in the country. In a show of maximum institutional support and backing for the project, the Prime Minister of the Andorran Government Xavier Espot will travel to the capital of Iceland and will play a very important role in the presentation to the FIS Council. He will be accompanied by David Hidalgo and Elisabeth Pérez, CEO and Marketing Director for the candidacy, respectively.


Focus on the capital of Iceland from the centre of Andorra

The Technical Office has organised a venue in the centre of the country for everyone to be able to enjoy the moment when the organiser of the 2029 World Championships is chosen. On Tuesday the 4th of June from 20:30h CET, the conference hall at the Prat del Roure in Escaldes-Engordany will bring together fans of the world of skiing; racers from the Andorran Ski Federation including Joan Verdú and institutional representatives who will all follow the announcement live. The event, which is open to everyone, will have a large screen that will broadcast the moment when the venue for the 2029 World Championships is announced. The event will also feature family-friendly entertainment.

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