25 November 2022 - 10:36

The remodelling work on the arrival area of the Àliga piste in El Tarter has been completed

The work has taken three months and has allowed for the final part of the piste to be levelled to make it more multi-purpose

The versatility that the piste gains means that it can now be used for the Parallel team event, which will take place on the Friday of the 2023 Alpine Ski World Cup Finals


The remodelling of the layout of the Àliga piste, in the El Tarter sector in the Grandvalira ski area, has been completed after three months of intense work. Since work began in August, and up until November, efforts have been focused on levelling the piste’s finish area in readiness for when it hosts the Downhill and the Super-G. This will give it a much more adaptable arrival area and allows for the piste design to be adapted to the requirements of the team parallel test. In addition, these changes will have a positive effect on energy saving with regards to snow production: cubic metres are significantly reduced, and consequently the costs incurred for having the snow cannons running also reduces. It is worth highlighting the benefits that amateur sportsmen and women will get from this, as the adjustments made to the layout will provide an arrival area that suits all kinds of races, training and competitions.

As the Race Director of the Alpine Ski World Cup Finals 2023, Santi Lopez explains, "we have corrected some issues that the Àliga piste had, including various bumps that required a lot of work whenever we had to prepare it." This means that the work carried out "has made it possible to be able to have a very smooth piste, which will help to improve the layout of the Parallel for teams", that will be held on Friday, 17 March 2023. "The result is magnificent, as the foot of the Àliga piste will be enjoyed not only by the regular clients of our ski resort, but also by the racers. This is down to the fact that there will be a little more space, as well as it being much more level. This combines to mean that everyone will be able to enjoy the event to the full”.


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